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The Riga Merchant Guild is a German, Latvian merchants and upper classes association. It was founded before the capital of Latvia,which is Riga, could join in the Hanseatic League in the 1221.

The Old Town's Small Guild is used for concerts, conferences, presentations, meetings, celebratory gatherings and balls. Riga's Small Guild or also known as The Guild of St. John (Die Kleine Gilde zu Riga, Sankt-Johannis-Gilde) was a fraternity of master craftsmen that was used from 1352 to 1936. The Chamber of Crafts's interior was a noteworthy building, besides there was the presence of the hall, lobby and the staircase which lead to a stone chips set in mortar. All the windows of the house are characterize with colourful stained glass which are from Hanover. The doors and windows are embellished with painted aphorisms that are written in Gothic letters. Renovation and restoration of the Small Guild lasted from 1999 to 2000. Today, the Small Guild is used for festive events, business meetings, conferences, presentations, balls and concerts. Nevertheless the old craftsmen house now operates as a cultural and folk art centre, which is inhabited by a variety of cultural organisations – children, seniors, amateur groups, vocal ensembles, popular applied arts and fine arts studios, amateur theatres, instrumental bands and folklore groups.