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"Right Now"
Single by Atomic Kitten
from the album Right Now
B-side "Something Spooky"
Released 29 November 1999
Format CD single
Recorded Motor Museum Studios
Genre Pop rock, disco
Length 3:35
Label Virgin
Writer(s) Andy McCluskey, Stuart Kershaw
Producer(s) Engine
Atomic Kitten singles chronology
"Right Now"
"See Ya"
Alternative cover
CD2 cover

"Right Now" is the debut single by English girl group Atomic Kitten, from their debut album of the same name (2000). Katona's version appears on the original version of the Right Now album although Frost's version appears on the re-release. The 2004 Greatest Hits album featured a new re-recorded version titled "Right Now 2004", which proved a greater international chart success.

Music video[edit]

There are two different versions of the song: One with Kerry Katona's vocals on the debut album, and the other version is the re-issue of the album Right Now where Katona's solo has been dubbed out by Jenny Frost's vocals in the 2004 version. However, Katona's vocals are still present in the chorus. The video opens with the workmen making the dancefloor inside the studio. It shows all the girls walking through Liverpool wearing wet and shiny jackets, in the bakers, down in the lift in the department shop, getting in the car, and on the open top double decker bus. This video includes the shots of Natasha, Liz and Kerry in 3 tunnels at a time (red and blue). During the first chorus, the Kittens and dancers dance on the multi-coloured tiled dancefloor with holes to the tunnels, with radio speakers at the side, and a green ramp. The televisions at the side showing you clips of Liverpool, in the 2004 version, As Atomic Kitten decided to take a break. But they released one more single to say goodbye and it was titled "Someone Like Me" It shows you girls from "So Far So Good" DVD introducing Tash's Union Jack bag to match with Tash's T-Shirt "Made in Liverpool" with a denim jacket on. And a lady in the street holding a Schuh Shoes Bag such a shirt with Tigers on. And a man in a blazer with an apron on that reads "I Love AK". A lady under a bridge with a light blue denim jacket on and sunglasses pushing her. and the manager throwing Tash into the swimming pool outside the arena. holding a Stooshe lolly in her hands. Designed the band name "Innocent Records" to make enough charity for "NSPCC". and Natasha playing her guitar, and ends with on a escalator. The "So Far So Good" DVD has all of her music videos for "Right Now", "See Ya", "I Want Your Love", "Follow Me", "Whole Again", "Eternal Flame", ·"Eternal Flame" (The Exclusive Parole Officer Version) and "You Are". 2004 has the story of 3 girls on a mission from "The Beatles" to "Frankie Goes To Hollywood" and "Frankie Say Greatest". ·

Track listings[edit]


  1. Right Now (Radio Edit)
  2. Something Spooky (Theme To BBC Belfry Witches)
  3. Right Now (2004 Love to Infinity Club Mix)
  4. Right Now (Original Demo)


  1. Right Now (Radio Edit)
  2. Right Now (Solomon Pop Mix)
  3. Right Now (K-Klass Phazerphunk Mix)
  4. Right Now (Katapella Vocal Mix)
  5. Right Now (Video)

UK Cassette

  1. Right Now (Radio Edit)
  2. Something Spooky (Theme To BBC "Belfry Witches")
  3. Exclusive Interview

"Right Now 2004" features in the American movie Aquamarine.[1]

UK CD[edit]

  • Right Now (Radio Edit) - 3:30
  • Right Now (Album Version) - 3:38
  • Right Now (2001 Album Version) - 3:38
  • Right Now (2004 Single Version) - 3:46
  • Right Now (Original Demo) - 3:36
  • Right Now (Katapella Vocal Mix) - 3:06
  • Right Now (K-Klass Phazerphunk Radio Edit) - 3:32
  • Right Now (K-Klass Phazerphunk Club Mix) - 7:21
  • Right Now (Solomon Pop Mix) - 5:53
  • Right Now (Solomon Loco Mix) - 5:39
  • Right Now (Dance☆Man Remix With The Bandman) (Radio Edit) - 3:53
  • Right Now (Dance☆Man Remix With The Bandman) (Master Mix) - 4:11
  • Right Now (Dance☆Man Remix With The Bandman) (Long Version) - 6:09
  • Right Now (M*A*S*H Radio Mix) - 3:39
  • Right Now (M*A*S*H Anthem Mix) - 7:23
  • Right Now (2004 Love To Infinity Radio Edit) - 3:43
  • Right Now (2004 Love To Infinity Deep Club Mix) - 7:41
  • Right Now (2004 Love To Infinity Aphrodisiac Mix) - 7:45

Chart performance[edit]

The single was released in November 1999. Right Now managed to stay in the British the charts for 9 weeks,[2] and subsequently sold 122,539 copies, becoming their 6th best selling single in the United Kingdom.

In Belgium, the song was a success, getting into the top 20 and peaking at 17. It secured a place in the charts for 8 weeks.[3]

In Oceania, the song was not as successful, peaking at 40 in New Zealand, and 46 in Australia.

The song was also a success all over south-east Asia.


Year Chart Peak position
1999 United Kingdom 10[4]
Belgium (Flanders) 17[3]
New Zealand 40[5]
Australia 46[6]

2004 version[edit]

In 2004, as Atomic Kitten decided to take a break, they released one more single to say goodbye. It was the double-A side Someone like Me/Right Now 2004.

Song information[edit]

The 2004 version of "Right Now" was the only exclusive track available on the 2004 Greatest Hits. Someone like Me however, is on the Ladies Night album. The 2004 version was more in the vein of early 00's dance songs while the original was a 90s disco pop song.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Someone like Me" (radio edit)
  2. "Right Now 2004"
  1. "Right Now 2004"
  2. "Someone like Me" (radio edit)
  3. "Wild"
  4. "Right Now 2004" (CD-ROM video)

Chart performance[edit]

Someone like Me/Right Now 2004 had a better position in the chart than the original release of "Right Now", peaking at #8. However, it didn't sell as much copies, just managing to sell 50,000 copies in the UK; whereas the original release sold 120,000 copies.

It was a number one hit in Taiwan, topping the charts for four weeks.[7]

The song reached the top 20 in Ireland and Belgium.

In the rest of Europe, the song failed to reach the top 40, which is thought to be due to low promotion. It was their lowest charting single in Germany, only managing a peak of #67, and also in Switzerland, peaking at #42. In The Netherlands, it was their second lowest charting single, just behind Love Doesn't Have To Hurt.


Chart (2004) Peak
Taiwan 1[8]
UK Singles Chart 8
Belgium 8[9]
The Republic Of Ireland 18[10]
Hungary (Rádiós Top 40)[11] 40
Switzerland 42[12]
The Netherlands 52[13]
Germany 67[14]


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