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MSR Studios is the largest full-service, world-class recording facility in New York City . MSR Studios is located just outside Times Square at 168 West 48th street, between 6th and 7th avenues.

Studios at MSR[edit]

MSR Studios houses 3 newly renovated studios, each with its own kitchenette, lounge, and bathroom. There is also a private elevator entrance as well as roof access and concierge services.

STUDIO A[edit]

Studio A is MSR Studios’ largest tracking room. The control room is fitted with a 72-input SSL J Series console, a custom Augsperger main monitoring system with custom Leigh Audio Design dual 18″ subwoofers, and twenty four Neve 1081 mic pre/eq modules. A 9' Yamaha Concert Grand piano, four isolation booths, and a large main recording space make MSR Studio A the perfect choice for any tracking situation. Also available upon request is the Endless Analog CLASP system, which allows for seamless integration of a 24 track analog tape front end to Pro Tools.[1]

STUDIO B[edit]

Centered around a Euphonix System 5 console with EuCon software allowing for DAW control, Studio B is MSR’s digital mixing/tracking room. The System 5′s ability to handle high track counts on a small footprint make Studio B a great room for film score and Broadway cast album mixes and the 800 square foot live room (which features a Yamaha C7 piano) can comfortably accommodate any small tracking session.[2]

STUDIO C[edit]

Studio C is MSR Studios’ premier mix room, hosting a 72 input SSL J series console, custom Augsperger mains, custom Leigh Audio Design dual 18″ subwoofer, and a wide array of outboard equipment including eight Neve 1081 mic pre/eq modules. A dedicated machine room allows for the quiet critical-listening environment necessary for accurate mixing. Studio C, which houses a Yamaha C7 piano, is also convenient for small format tracking such as vocals or overdubs.[3]

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