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MSR Studios is the largest full-service, world-class recording facility in New York City . MSR Studios is located in the heart of Times Square at 168 West 48th street, between 6th and 7th avenues. For more than 30 years, MSR Studios has been home to some of the most talented artists, producers, and engineers in the world. In 2008, MSR Studios merged with the formerly known Right Track Recording, at which the facility was acquired by Dave Amlen in 2009.[1]


Before the merge with MSR Studios, Right Track Recording was established in 1976 by Simon Andrews. Right Track was a four-studio recording studio located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, residing next to famous New York music stores Sam Ash and Manny's Music. Power Station. Before the merge, industry veteran Barry Bongiovi joined forces with Simon Andrews in 1995.

Studios at MSR[edit]

MSR Studios consists of three studios, each with its own lounge area.

STUDIO A[edit]

Studio A is MSR Studios’ largest tracking room. The control room is fitted with a 72-input SSL J Series console, a custom Augsperger main monitoring system with custom Leigh Audio Design dual 18″ subwoofers, and twenty four Neve 1081 mic pre/eq modules. A 9″ Yamaha Concert Grand piano, four isolation booths, and a large main recording space make MSR Studio A the perfect choice for any tracking situation. Also available upon request is the Endless Analog CLASP system, which allows for seamless integration of a 24 track analog tape front end to Pro Tools.[2]

STUDIO B[edit]

Centered around a Euphonix System 5 console with EuCon software allowing for DAW control, Studio B is MSR’s digital mixing/tracking room. The System 5′s ability to handle high track counts on a small footprint make Studio B a great room for film score and Broadway cast album mixes and the 800 square foot live room (which features a Yamaha C7 piano) can comfortably accommodate any small tracking session.[3]

STUDIO C[edit]

Studio C is MSR Studios’ premier mix room, hosting a 72 input SSL J series console, custom Augsperger mains, custom Leigh Audio Design dual 18″ subwoofer, and a wide array of outboard equipment including eight Neve 1081 mic pre/eq modules. A dedicated machine room allows for the quiet critical-listening environment necessary for accurate mixing. Studio C, which houses a Yamaha C7 piano, is also convenient for small format tracking such as vocals or overdubs.[4]

Right Track Recording: Studios[edit]

Right Track Recording consisted of four studios each with a primary recording console:

  • Studio A
  • Studio B
    • EUPHONIX SYSTEM 5 - 48 Fader Control Surface / 166 Input
  • Studio C
    • SSL 9072 - 72 Input with J Series Computer
  • Studio A509 - Orchestral Facility
    • SSL 9096 - 96 Input with J Series Computer and Full Film Surround Monitor Selectable E and G Series Equalizer in Every Channel
    • 4,600-square-foot (430 m2) live room with 35-foot (11 m) ceiling

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