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Rinako Hirasawa
Born (1983-05-18) May 18, 1983 (age 31)[1]
Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.56 m (5 ft 1 12 in)

Rinako Hirasawa (平沢里菜子 Hirasawa Rinako?) is a Japanese AV idol and pink film actress. She has appeared in award-winning pink films, and was given a "Best Actress" award for her work in this genre in 2007.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Hirasawa had a part-time job at the video arcade in Tokyo's Ōkura Theater, a long-running venue for pink films,[3] and became curious about the genre through the posters.[4] She entered the entertainment field in 2003 through AVs where she specialized in the S&M genre[4][5] while working for such major AV studios as Moodyz, Soft On Demand, CineMagic and Wanz Factory. After she had appeared in over 40 AVs, Hirasawa made her pink film debut in director Shinji Imaoka's Frog Song (2005).[4] Hirasawa played the role of Kyōko, an aspiring comic book artist who works as a prostitute.[6] The film was named the Best Film of the year, and Hirasawa was given the Best Actress award, second place, at the Pink Grand Prix.[7] A few months later, in October 2005, she starred in the sex comedy The Strange Saga of Hiroshi the Freeloading Sex Machine, directed by Yūji Tajiri,[8] which was shown at the 14th Raindance Film Festival in September 2006.[9] Hirasawa had the role of the indulging love interest of the film's titular character.[10]

After mid-2005, Hirasawa moved away from adult video work and more into mainstream and pink films, and V-Cinema.[4] In her last entry on her AV blog in May 2006, she announced that she was leaving her agency "GOT" (ガットエージェンシー) and would be working freelance.[11] Director Osamu Sato's 2007 film New Tokyo Decadence - The Slave was reportedly based on Hirasawa's own experiences.[5] The film was named 9th best pink release of the year, and Hirasawa won the Best Actress award for her performance.[2]

Selected filmography[edit]

Video title[12] Release date Studio Director Notes

Adult Videos (AV)[edit]

Anal Adultery 2
アナル姦通 第2章
2004-02-15 Moodyz Joker
Katsuyuki Hasegawa With Rin Nonomiya (AKA Mei Hasegawa) & Himika Aihara
Amateur Model Recruitment False Interview Trick
素人モデル面接ハメ撮り 偽りの募集と面接官の策略
2004-04-22 Red
With 3 other actresses
Eromesu 7
凌辱エロメス 7
2004-03-19 Wild Side / King of Realism
Kaoru Toyoda
THE HIP - Rinako Hirasawa
THE HIP 平沢里菜子
2004-03-27 Aurora Kokuryu
LUSH Double Anal
LUSH ダブル アナル
2004-09-11 Aurora
With Eri Ueno
Woman Who Wants to Be Beaten
2004-09-17 CineMagic
Koisaburo Akai
Watashi O Idi Me Te Kudasai
2004-11-13 Hayabusa Agency
With Miku Sakashita & Yuria Hidaka
Remote Control Vibrator Club
2005-01-06 SOD
With 5 other actresses
Immoral Anal Temptation
彼女の肛門 アナル小悪魔娘
2005-01-10 AVS
Anal Orgasm
2005-04-01 Wanz Factory M-Mode
Iceman Ochiai
White Shirt Fetish
2005-05-01 Wanz Factory e-kos
With 6 other actresses
Anal Temptation : Rinako Hirasawa[13] 2005-06-25 Red Hot
Slave Press No. 27
奴隷通信 No.27
2005-07-16 Art Video
Dera Beppin Rinako Hirasawa
Dera Beppin 平沢里菜子
2005-10-25 On Air Dekachin-Z
Woman Who Wants to Be Beaten
2005-11-25 CineMagic Jyoh
Koisaburo Akai Compilation with Shiho Miyasaki
Exposure Rhapsody 4: Full View of Passersby, Car Sex Part
露出狂想曲 4 通行人から丸見え!カーセックス編
2005-12-01 Bakky
Paipan Jūkan 2 (Shaved Girl Beast Rape 2)[14]
パイパン獣姦 2
2006-01-13 Karma
Beautiful Schoolgirl Rape Clinic
2006-08-01 DreamVision21 con flower
Maniac Love Text Lesson 5
マニアック・ラブ・テキスト 5 M女性の愛し方
2007-05-25 Sanwa Publishing
With Tsubaki Kanda
Movie title[15] Release date Studio Director Notes

Theatrical films[edit]

Paid Companionship Story: Girls Who Want to Do It AKA Frog Song[16][17]
援助交際物語 したがるオンナたち
Enjo-kōsai monogatari: shitagaru onna-tachi
2005-06-10 Kokuei
Shinji Imaoka 65 Min.
With Konatsu
The Strange Saga of Hiroshi the Freeloading Sex Machine[18]
SEXマシン 卑猥な季節[19]
Sex mashin: Hiwai na kisetsu
2005-10-07 Kokuei
Yūji Tajiri 64 Min.
With Mutsuo Yoshioka
Uncle's Paradise[20]
Ojisan tengoku
aka Mighty Extreme Woman
Zetsurin Zetsujo
2006-05-12 Kokuei
Shinji Imaoka 64 Min.
With Shirō Shimomoto & Minami Aoyama
The Wife and the Secretary: Overflowing Love Juice[21][22]
人妻とOL あふれる愛液
Hitozuma to OL: afureru ai-eki
2006-09-29 Shintōhō Osamu Satō With Erina Aoyama & Sakurako Kaoru
New Tokyo Decadence – The Slave[23]
2007-03-09 Shintōhō Osamu Satō 62 min.

ふしだら慕情 白肌を舐める舌[24]
Fushidara Bojō: Shirahada o Nameru Shita
2007-03-16 Tarō Productions
OP Eiga
Tarō Araki 60 min.
With Yutaka Ikejima, and Lemon Hanazawa
理容店の女房 夜這い寝間[25]
Riyōten no nyōbō: yobai nema
2007-04-27 Sakae Planning
Sakae Nitta 60 min.
With Kyōko Kazama
Yami o Kakenukero
2007-06-09 Toka Jungle Keita Tokaji 60 min.
With Lemon Hanazawa & Akiho Yoshizawa
ワイセツ和尚 女体筆いじり
Waisetsu Oshō: Nyotai Hitsu Ijiri
2007-06-09 Powerful
OP Eiga
Shigeo Moriyama
With Kazuhiro Sano
Nakagawa Jun Kyōju no Inbina Hibi
Nakagawa Jun Kyōju no Inbina Hibi
2008-03-28 Matsuoka Productions
Kunihiko Matsuoka With Minami Aoyama

Shaarii no Kōshoku Jinsei to Tenraku Jinsei
2009-04-11 Masanori Tominaga With Kenzô Fukutsuya & Izumi Kasagi




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Awards and achievements
Pink Grand Prix
Preceded by
Minami Aoyama
for Uncle's Paradise
Pink Grand Prix for Best Actress
Rinako Hirasawa

for New Tokyo Decadence – The Slave
Succeeded by
Kiri Kōda
for Chō inran: yareba yaruhodo iikimochi
Pinky Ribbon Awards
Preceded by
New Award
Pinky Ribbon Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress
Rinako Hirasawa
with Erina Aoyama
Komari Awashima

Succeeded by
Lemon Hanazawa
Kiri Kōda
Preceded by
Akiho Yoshizawa
Pinky Ribbon Award for Best Actress
Rinako Hirasawa

Succeeded by
Maki Tomoda