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The Ring Magazine Pound for Pound is the official list of the current pound for pound professional boxing rankings distributed by The Ring.[1]

Top 10 rankings

Rank Fighter Record Weight Class(es) Title(s)
1 United States Floyd Mayweather Jr[2] 47–0 (26 KO) Junior middleweight
WBA (Super) Super welterweight Champion, WBC and The Ring Junior Middleweight Champion
WBA (Unified) Welterweight Champion, WBC and The Ring Welterweight Champion, WBC Diamond Champion, WBC Supreme Champion
2 United States Andre Ward[3] 27–0 (14 KO) Super middleweight WBA (Super) and The Ring Super middleweight Champion
3 Ukraine Wladimir Klitschko[4] 63–3 (53 KO) Heavyweight WBA (Super), WBO (Super), IBF, The Ring and IBO Heavyweight Champion
4 Philippines Manny Pacquiao[5] 57–5–2 (38 KO) Welterweight Super WBO Welterweight Champion, WBC Diamond Champion
5 United States Timothy Bradley[6] 31–1–0–1 (12 KO) Welterweight
6 Mexico Juan Manuel Márquez[7] 56–7–1 (40 KO) Welterweight WBO Super Champion
7 Cuba Guillermo Rigondeaux[8] 14–0 (9 KO) Junior featherweight WBA (Unified), WBO and The Ring Junior featherweight Champion
8 United Kingdom Carl Froch[9] 33–2 (24 KO) Super middleweight WBA (Unified) and IBF Super middleweight champion
9 Nicaragua Román González[10] 41–0 (35 KO) Flyweight WBC and The Ring Flyweight Champion
10 Mexico Saúl Álvarez[11] 44–1–1 (31 KO) Junior middleweight

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