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Rino Sashihara
AKB48 20090704 Japan Expo 16a.jpg
Rino Sashihara at Japan Expo 2009 in Paris
Background information
Native name 指原 莉乃
Also known as Sashiko,[1] Sasshi
Born (1992-11-21) November 21, 1992 (age 21)
Ōita, Ōita, Japan
Origin Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Genres J-pop
Years active 2008 – present
Labels Avex Group (via avex trax)[2]
Associated acts AKB48, HKT48, Not Yet
Website avexnet.or.jp/sashihararino

Rino Sashihara (指原 莉乃 Sashihara Rino?, born November 21, 1992) is a member/manager of Japanese idol group HKT48, and a former member of AKB48, both produced by Yasushi Akimoto.


2007-2012: AKB48[edit]

In October 2007, she auditioned and was chosen as a trainee for AKB48. She was promoted to a regular member of former Team B.[clarification needed] Her first title track single was "Ōgoe Diamond". She placed 27th in the popularity-driven 2009 General Election, where she was grouped with the "Under Girls", the ones who would perform on the first B-side singles.[citation needed] She remained in that position on the followup single releases until the following year, the 2010 General Election, where she placed 19th and was grouped with the main girls who sing on the title track.[citation needed] On August 2009, AKB48 announced that she would transfer to Team A, although the transfer did not occur until July 2010.

On December 4, 2010, Sashihara attempted to upload 100 articles in a day on her official blog, with the number of page views reaching 35 million on the same day.[3][importance?]

In January 2011, Sashihara starred in a half-hour television program titled "Although You Are Sashiko (This Program Is Totally Unrelated to AKB)" (さしこのくせに〜この番組はAKBとは全く関係ありません〜 Sashiko no Kuseni (Kono Bangumi wa AKB to wa Mattaku Kankei Arimasen)?), broadcast by TBS, which features her hetare (ヘタレ?, means somewhat cowardly, incompetent, impatient) character. The program was subtitled "A variety program to train Sashiko" (さしこ育成バラエティ Sashiko Ikusei Variety?).[1]

Sashihara starred as the lead character in the NTV4 drama "Muse no Kagami" starting on January 14, 2012.[4] She sings the theme song titled "Soredemo Suki Da yo", which was released as her debut solo single in May 2, on the major record label Avex Trax.[5]

In April 2012, it was announced that Sashihara was planning to produce an idol festival to be held at Nippon Budokan on June 25, featuring girl groups such as Idoling!!!, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Super Girls, Tokyo Girls' Style, Passpo and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.[6]

2012-: Transition to HKT48[edit]

On June 16, 2012, Sashihara was demoted and transferred to HKT48, due to her involvement in a dating/sex scandal. The tabloid "Shukan Bunshu" published an article in which a man who allegedly dated/slept with Sashihara came forwards and made comments about her being "overly sexually aggressive". Sashihara replied by saying that the man was "just a friend", and the story was completely false[7][8][9] On June 20, Sashihara had a panic attack onstage, and hyperventilated due to the stress.[10]

Sashihara officially debuted at the HKT48 Theater as a member of HKT48 Team H on July 5, however, her "Send-off Party" stage performance for AKB48 was postponed as it coincided with Natsumi Matsubara's birthday stage performance. Her send-off was eventually held on July 23, and involved Team A as well as HKT48 Team H members as guest performers.[11]

Sashihara released her second single, "Ikujinashi Masquerade", on October 17.[12][13] The single reached number one on the Oricon Weekly chart.

On April 28, 2013, it was announced that Sashihara would assume the position of HKT48 co-manager, while continuing to be a member of HKT48 Team H.[14] In an interview with Asahi Shimbun, she said "I helped select the numbers and members to perform when HKT48 held its first concert at Nippon Budokan hall (in Tokyo). What I had in mind was to use old songs of AKB48. The reason is that the current age makeup of HKT48 and the progression of the members’ growth are similar to those of AKB48 several years ago."[15]

Sashihara was announced to receive the most votes in AKB48's annual general election in 2013. She received 150,570 votes, and beat Yuko Oshima, who received 136,503 votes.[15][16] She thus centered their single "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie".


Solo singles[edit]

Year Title Chart position Oricon sales[17] Notes

2012 "Soredemo Suki Da yo" 2[20] 1[21] 6[22] 124,483 151,724
2012 "Ikujinashi Masquerade" 1[23] 4 68,403 85,798 with Anrire (Rina Kawaei, Rena Katō, Anna Iriyama)

* RIAJ Digital Track Chart was established in April 2009 and discontinued in July 2012.

with HKT48[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2013 "Suki! Suki! Skip!" A-side Also sang on "Onegai Valentine", "Ima ga Ichiban" and "Seifuku no Bambi"
2013 "Melon Juice" A-side Also sang on "Doro no Metronome" and "Namioto no Orugoru"
2014 "Sakura, Minnade Tabeta" A-side Also sang on "Kimi wa Doushite?" and "Kidoku Suru"

with AKB48[edit]

Year No. Title Role[24] Notes
2008 10 "Ōgoe Diamond" A-side Debut in Team B
2009 11 "10nen Sakura" A-side Also sang on "Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de"
2009 12 "Namida Surprise!" A-side Also sang on "Shonichi"
2009 13 "Iiwake Maybe" Under Girls Did not sing on title track. Ranked 27th in 2009 General Election. Sang on "Tobenai Agehachō".
2009 14 "River" Under Girls Did not sing on title track. Sang on "Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara".
2010 15 "Sakura no Shiori" Team Young Jump Did not sing on title track. Sang on "Choose Me!" as Team Young Jump. Debut in Team A.
2010 16 "Ponytail to Shushu" Under Girls Did not sing on title track. Sang on "Nusumareta Kuchibiru" and "Majijo Teppen Blues"
2010 17 "Heavy Rotation" A-side Ranked 19th in 2010 General Election. Also sang on "Yasai Sisters" and "Lucky Seven"
2010 18 "Beginner" A-side
2010 19 "Chance no Junban" B-side Did not sing on title track; lineup was determined by rock-paper-scissors tournament.[25] Sang on "Yoyakushita Christmas", and on "Kurumi to Dialogue" as Team A.
2011 20 "Sakura no Ki ni Narō" A-side
2011 -- "Dareka no Tame ni - What can I do for someone?" -- Charity single
2011 21 "Everyday, Katyusha" A-side also sang on "Korekara Wonderland" and "Yankee Soul"
2011 22 "Flying Get" A-side Ranked 9th in 2011 General Election
2011 23 "Kaze wa Fuiteiru" A-side
2011 24 "Ue kara Mariko" B-side Did not sing on title track; lineup was determined by rock-paper-scissors tournament.[26][27] She sang on "Noël no Yoru", and "Rinjin wa Kizutsukanai" as Team A.
2012 25 "Give Me Five!" A-side (Baby Blossom), Selection 6 A-side single group was called Baby Blossom, where she played trombone.[28] She also sang on "Sweet & Bitter" as Selection 6.
2012 26 "Manatsu no Sounds Good!" A-side Also sang on "Chōdai, Darling!"
2012 27 "Gingham Check" A-side Ranked 4th in 2012 General Election. Participated from HKT48 Team H.
2012 28 "Uza" A-side
2012 29 "Eien Pressure" B-side Did not sing on title track. Sang "Hatsukoi Buttefly" as HKT48.
2013 30 "So Long!" A-side
2013 31 "Sayonara Crawl" A-side Also sang on "Hasute to Wasute"[citation needed]
2013 32 "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie" A-side, Center Ranked 1st in 2013 General Election.[16]
2013 33 "Heart Electric" A-side In main lineup with the nickname Rola.[29] Also sang on "Kisu made Countdown" as Team A.
2013 34 "Suzukake no Ki no Michi de "Kimi no Hohoemi o Yume ni Miru" to Itte Shimattara Bokutachi no Kankei wa Dō Kawatte Shimau no ka, Bokunari ni Nan-nichi ka Kangaeta Ue de no Yaya Kihazukashii Ketsuron no Yō na Mono" B-side Did not sing on title track; lineup was determined by rock-paper-scissors tournament.[30] Sang on "Mosh & Dive".[31] Sang on "Wink wa Sankai".

Performance groups[edit]

Team B 3rd Stage Pajama Drive (パジャマドライブ?)
  • "Kagami no Naka no Jean D'Arc" (鏡の中のジャンヌ・ダルク?) (after Ayaka Kikuchi's graduation)
Team B 4th Stage Idol no Yoake (アイドルの夜明け?)
  • "Itoshiki Natasha" (愛しきナターシャ?)
Team A 6th Stage Mokugekisha (目撃者?)
  • "Enjou Rosen" (炎上路線?)
Team H Waiting Stage Hakata Legend (博多レジェンド?)
  • "Seifuku Resistance" (制服レジスタンス?)
  • "Seifuku no Bambi" (制服のバンビ?)


Music videos[edit]

Title Director Notes
"Soredemo Suki Da yo"
"Ikujinashi Masquerade" (Kawaei Rina Center ver.)
"Ikujinashi Masquerade" (Theater Edition Muse's Mirror ver.)


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