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Rinodina disjuncta 47177.jpg
Rinodina disjuncta
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Teloschistales
Family: Physciaceae
Genus: Rinodina
(Ach.) Gray (1821)
Type species
Rinodina sophodes (1852)
(Ach.) A.Massal.
  • Lecanora subdiv. Rinodina Ach. (1810)
  • Courtoisia L.Marchand (1830)
  • Berengeria Trevis. (1852)
  • Mischoblastia A.Massal. (1852)
  • Placothallia Trevis. (1852)
  • Rinodina subsect. Pachysporaria Malme (1902)
  • Pseudobuellia B.de Lesd. (1907)
  • Dictyorinis Clem. (1909)
  • Merorinis Clem. (1909)
  • Pleorinis Clem. (1909)
  • Malmia M.Choisy (1931)
  • Mischolecia M.Choisy (1931)
  • Pachysporaria (Malme) M.Choisy (1949)
  • Rhinodinomyces E.A.Thomas ex Cif. & Tomas. (1953)

Rinodina is a genus of lichenized fungi in the family Physciaceae. The genus has a widespread distribution and contains about 265 species.[2] It is hypothesized that a few saxicolous species common to dry regions of western North America, southern Europe, North Africa and central Asia may date back 240 million years to the Middle Triassic.[3]


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