Rio Vermelho Microregion

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Location of the Rio Vermelho Microregion in the state of Goiás

The Rio Vermelho Microregion is a geographical region in central Goiás state, Brazil. The most important city is Goiás, also known as Goiás Velho. The Rio Vermelho, a tributary of the Araguaia River flows through the region. For a map see

Important Data (2000)[edit]

  • Population: 91,254 inhabitants
  • Cities: 9
  • Total Area: 20,277.10 km²
  • Population Density: 4.50 inhab/km²

Cities in the Rio Vermelho Microregion[edit]

A region of varied geography with rugged terrain in the south and low watery lands in the north. It contains Goiás, the only World Heritage Site in the state of Goiás.

Population figures are from 2007 and are from Sepin

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Coordinates: 15°56′02″S 50°08′24″W / 15.93389°S 50.14000°W / -15.93389; -50.14000