Riscos de Momostenango

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Coordinates: 15°02′39″N 91°24′33″W / 15.04417°N 91.40917°W / 15.04417; -91.40917
Riscos de Momostenango
National Park
Official name: Parque Nacional Riscos de Momostenango
Country Guatemala
Region Totonicapán
Municipality Momostenango
Landmark Eroded sandstone formations
Location Momostenango
 - elevation 2,200 m (7,218 ft)
 - coordinates 15°02′39″N 91°24′33″W / 15.04417°N 91.40917°W / 15.04417; -91.40917
Area 2.40 km2 (1 sq mi)
Geology Sandstone
Founded Acuerdo Gubernativo 26-05-55
Date 1955
Management CONAP

Riscos de Momostenango is an area of curiously shaped sandstone formations located in the municipality of Momostenango in Guatemala.

An area of 2.4 km2, including the sandstone formations and the surrounding forests, was declared a national park in 1955.[1]


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