Rising Antivirus

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Rising Antivirus
Operating system Windows
Available in Chinese/English
Type Antivirus software
License Proprietary
Website www.rising-global.com

Rising is a Chinese software company that produces the anti-virus software Rising Antivirus, a firewall, UTM and spam-blocking products.

Founded in 1991, Rising is a privately owned company, with its global headquarters based in Zhongguancun in Beijing, China. The company has subsidiaries and branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Australia and Beijing. It is China's largest anti-virus software company, with over 500 employees and an estimated 50% Chinese home users (of more than 100 million computer users).[1]

Primary products are Rising Antivirus, Rising Personal Firewall, Rising UTM and Rising IS.

The Mebromi BIOS rootkit checks for the presence of Rising Antivirus.

On 9 September 2013, Rising stopped supporting their English versions of the Rising anti-virus software, Rising Personal firewall, along with the official English website. They also chose this date to terminate sales of all of their English versions of products.[2]

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