Risk (magazine)

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Categories trade magazine
Frequency Monthly
Founder Peter Field
Year founded 1987
Company Incisive Media
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Website www.risk.net
ISSN 0952-8776

Risk is a magazine covering financial risk management and the global derivatives markets. It includes papers on option pricing and hedging, market risk, credit risk, swaps and Monte Carlo methods. Articles include news, comment and mathematical papers on an aspect of derivatives risk and pricing. Risk has a tradition of covers featuring pieces of abstract modern art. It has been described as Incisive Media's "flagship financial management title".[1] Energy Risk — a sister title that covers energy trading and risk management — was spun off in 1994.[2]

It was founded by Peter Field in 1987. It was owned by Risk Waters Group, then was acquired by Incisive Media, the owners of Post Magazine, The Inquirer and Investment Week, in 2003, the current editor being Nick Sawyer. Journalists include: Duncan Wood, Joel Clark, Christopher Whittall, Matt Cameron, Alec Campbell, Mark Pengelly and Peter Madigan.

The circulation figure for the magazine for 2000/01 was 7,728 [3]

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