Risovača Cave

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Risovača Cave is situated at the entrance of the town of Aranđelovac, Serbia. It is one of the most important archeological sites of paleoliths in Europe.

It's been discovered around 1938, but archeological excavations started in 1953. Fossils of cave bears, mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, cave lions, leopard and bison. The cave depth is approximately 187 meters, and "halls" are decorated with minerals of different shapes and colors. Also, tools which cavemen used at those times were discovered.

Risovača Cave was declared Archaeological Sites of Great Importance in 1983, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia.

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Coordinates: 44°18′N 20°34′E / 44.300°N 20.567°E / 44.300; 20.567