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Rita Monaldi (born 1966) is an Italian journalist and writer who, in collaboration with her husband, Francesco Sorti, wrote a series of literary-historical books called Imprimatur, Secretum and Veritas, with Atto Melani as a central character. She majored in classical philology and specialized in the history of religions.[1][2] They both live with their two young children in Vienna.

All the book titles of the series will create the sentence Imprimatur secretum, veritas mysterium. Unicum … The authors translate this as follows: “Even when a secret is printed, the truth is always a mystery. It remains only…” The authors are keeping secret the titles of the final two volumes. They claim the novel was boycotted in Italy.[3]



In 2009, The Scotsman newspaper reported that:

Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti had been working on another "story" for years, which they decided they would turn into a historical novel. What their research had uncovered had startled them, even surprised them, although when we consider the times they were researching – the late 17th century – perhaps they should have expected to uncover all sorts of dubious information. But their historical investigations concerned a former Pope, Innocent XI. They fashioned their findings about him into a novel, and the result was: a commercial and critical boycott.[4]


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