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Rita Rusic (born 16 May 1960) is a Croatian-Italian singer, model, actress[1] and producer.


Rusic was born in Poreč, in the Istrian region of Croatia in 1960. She began her career as a singer, then debuted as an actress in the 1982 film Attila flagello di Dio. While on set, she met filmmaker Vittorio Cecchi Gori, whom she eventually married.

After acting in several other films during the 1980s, she began managing a film business with her husband during the 1990s.

After divorcing Cecchi Gori in 2000, Rusic became a producer on her own and founded the agency "The Rita Rusic Company". In 2007, she also restarted her career as a singer. In 2007, Rusic became involved with pharmaceutical entrepreneur Canio Mazzaro, who had formerly been involved with Italian politician Daniela Santanche. Rusic and Mazzaro's relationship ended in February 2011.

In May 2008 Rusic published a book titled Jet Sex Diario erotico sentimentale, published by Mondadori. In 2009 she went back to acting, appearing in the film Powder by Massimiliano D'Epirus and Daniel Proietti. In 2010 she appeared in several episodes of the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars, replacing Fabio Canino.

She currently resides in Miami, Florida, USA.




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