Ritam (Novi Sad magazine)

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Not to be confused with the better known music magazine Ritam, published from 1989 to 1991.
Editor-in-Chiefs Mika Antić
Categories Music magazine
Publisher Dnevnik
Year founded 1962
First issue October 1, 1962
Final issue August 1965
Country  Yugoslavia
Language Serbian

Ritam (Serbian Cyrillic: Ритам, trans. Rhythm) was a former Yugoslav music magazine. Founded in 1962, Ritam was the first Yugoslav magazine dedicated to jazz and popular music, paving the way for rock music magazines like Džuboks and Pop Express.[1]


Ritam magazine was founded in 1962 by publisher Dnevnik from Novi Sad.[2] It was dedicated to jazz and popular music.[2] The Editor-in-Chiefs was poet Miroslav "Mika" Antić.[2] The first issue was released on October 1, 1962.[2] The price of an issue was 50 dinars.[2] Before August 1965, when the last issue appeared, 39 issues were released.[2]


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