Leinster Blackwater

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River Blackwater (Leinster/Kells)
An Uisce Dubh
Origin South County Cavan
Mouth Irish Sea, as the River Boyne
This article is about the River Blackwater found in Counties Cavan and Meath. For the River Blackwater found in Counties Kildare and Meath, see Enfield Blackwater.

The River Blackwater (Irish: An Uisce Dubh), also called the Kells Blackwater[1][2] or Leinster Blackwater, is a river that flows through the counties of Cavan and Meath in Ireland. It is a tributary of the River Boyne which flows into the Irish Sea at Drogheda. (This is one of two River Blackwaters which flow into the Boyne in County Meath, the other originates in County Kildare).

It has its source in the south of Cavan, near the town of Bailieborough. It flows through Lough Ramor at Virginia, County Cavan, past Kells, County Meath, before joining the River Boyne in Navan, County Meath.

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Coordinates: 52°51′N 7°27′W / 52.850°N 7.450°W / 52.850; -7.450