River Bride

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River Bride at Conna, Co. Cork - geograph.org.uk - 574660.jpg
Country Ireland
Source Nagle Mountains

The River Bride is a tributary of the Munster Blackwater in Ireland. (It should not be confused with the River Bride in Dorset, England.) Rising in the Nagle Mountains, it flows eastward, passing through counties of Cork and Waterford before joining the Munster Blackwater, approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) inland from Youghal Bay. The English poet Edmund Spenser is reputed to have written part of his poem the 'Faerie Queen' on the banks of the Bride in the Conna area. [1] The villages of Rathcormac, Castlelyons, Conna and Tallow are situated on or near the river. The river runs through the baronies of Barrymore and Imokilly. The N72 road crosses the river at Tallowbridge, County Waterford.


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