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River Heights was an American paperback spinoff series from the original Nancy Drew series of mystery stories for preteen girl readers published by Simon and Schuster.[1] This series (also credited to Carolyn Keene) involved Nancy's neighbor, Nicki Masters, and revolved around Nicki's friends and rivals at River Heights High School. These books, unlike the originals, were mostly romance books. The series lasted for a short time, consisting of 16 volumes and a "Super Sizzler" special edition.[2] Although sharing the same (pseudonymous) author, in this series Nancy Drew is only featured in the prologue to the first volume.[3]


  1. The mystery of the old clock
  2. Guilty Secrets
  3. Going too Far
  4. Stolen Kisses
  5. Between the Lines
  6. Lessons in Love
  7. Cheating Hearts
  8. The Trouble with Love
  9. Lies and Whispers
  10. Mixed Emotions
  11. Broken Hearts
  12. Hard to Handle
  13. A Mind of Her Own
  14. Love and Games
  15. Friends and Rivals
  16. The Jealousy Trap
  • Super Sizzler: Junior Class Trip


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