River Patrol (film)

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River Patrol
Directed by Ben R. Hart
Produced by Hal Wilson
Written by James Corbett
Starring John Blythe
Lorna Dean
Wally Patch
Stan Paskin
Cinematography Bertram Brooks-Carrington
Edited by James Corbett
Hammer Film Productions
Knightsbridge Films
Distributed by Exclusive Films
Release date(s) 28 January 1948
Running time 46 minutes[1]
Country United Kingdom
Language English

River Patrol is a 1948 British crime film directed by Ben R. Hart and starring John Blythe, Lorna Dean, and Wally Patch. A group of undercover British customs officer investigate a gang of nylon smugglers. It was made by Hammer Film Productions as a supporting feature. It was made at Marylebone Studios in London. It is notable for being one of the earliest films made by Hammer following its relaunch after the Second World War.


Two British policemen, Robby and Jean, go undercover, pretending to be husband and wife in order to smash a ring of smugglers along the Thames. During the investigation they visit the most shady places of London, including a night club with the worst imaginable reputation in the city. The two fake-spouses befriend and dupe the night club owner and find evidence leading to the top of the smugller ring. However, their identities are revealed by the criminals before they can report back to their superiors, and they have to fight alone against the thugs until they finally manage to get them all arrested. [2]


  • John Blythe as Robby
  • Lorna Dean as Jean
  • Wally Patch as The Guy
  • Stan Paskin
  • Cyril Collins
  • George Crowther
  • Andrew Sterne
  • Wilton West
  • Tony Merrett
  • George Kane
  • Johnny Doherty
  • Iris Keen
  • Dolly Gwynne


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