River Shira

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The River Shira, just north of Eilean an Eagail

River Shira (Siara / Abhainn Siara in Gaelic) is the river that runs through Glen Shira, originating from a dammed loch to the north. The river includes a few waterfalls and islands, including Eilean an Eagail (The Island of Fear). It eventually flows into a dubh loch, where the Ancient Clan MacNaghten castle and crannogs used to be, and then by Stuart Liddells house and into Loch Shira and Loch Fyne.

The river lends its name to the glen it runs through and the sea loch it drains into, which in turn lends its name to the MV Loch Shira.

Coordinates: 56°14′N 5°03′W / 56.233°N 5.050°W / 56.233; -5.050