Riverbend Steam Station

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Riverbend Steam Station
Country United States of America
Location Gaston County, North Carolina
Commission date 1929
Owner(s) Duke Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal,
natural gas
Type Steam,
gas turbine
Cooling source Catawba River
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 454 MW

The Riverbend Steam Station was a 454-MW coal-fired electrical power plant, owned by Duke Energy. It was originally slated for decommissioning in 2015, but was closed in April 2013.[1] The four-unit station was named for a bend in the Catawba River on which it was located. Riverbend was considered a cycling station to be brought on line to supplement supply when electricity demand was highest. Four gas-fired combustion turbine units were also housed on the site, but were retired in October 2012.[2]


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