Riverside, South Memphis

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Riverside, is one of the many prominent neighborhoods in South Memphis. The neighborhood includes the famous Kansas Street, Carver High (which is on Pennsylvania Street) and Martin Luther King Riverside Park. Blair Hunt (1888–1978), the longtime pastor of Mississippi Boulevard Church and the longtime principal of Booker T. Washington High, has a street on the east side of the neighborhood named in his honor. The original location of N.J. Ford And Sons Funeral Home was in this neighborhood. Riverview Community Center, Riverview Swimming Pool, vacant, well-kept homes, numerous stores and churches are also in Riverside.


The area that makes up the Riverside community stretches from Mallory in the south, South Parkway in the north, I-55 to the west and Florida Street in the east. It is one of the poorest parts of Shelby County with an average household income mostly of $15,000 a year.


"Rivacide", as some of the neighbors call it, has made the news in recent years for being the main stomping ground of drug Kingpin Craig Petties. More recently the Shelby County Court has ordered injunction against the neighborhood gang Rivacide Rollin 90's.

Coordinates: 35°05′57″N 90°04′11″W / 35.0992°N 90.0698°W / 35.0992; -90.0698