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Riversimple is a United Kingdom-based transportation company focused on producing environmentally conscious automobiles. It is based in Llandrindod Wells, a town in Wales, where there is a research & development centre and the company's offices. Additionally the company has a design studio in Barcelona in Spain.

Until 2014 the head office was in Ludlow, a town in England. The offices were located at Dinham, by the River Teme, which gave the business its name. Riversimple was founded by former motorsport engineer and racing driver Hugo Spowers.[1]

The Riversimple company designs energy-efficient automobiles, including the Morgan LIFEcar and the Riversimple Urban Car.[2] Several elements are considered during each design, including hydrogen fuel cell power sources, lightweight carbon fibre composite materials, open source development and design, leasing instead of selling the cars, distributing manufacturing among many small companies, and broad corporate ownership.[3]


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