Riverview High School (New Brunswick)

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Riverview High School (RHS)
RHS Entrance Crop.png
Stamus Pro Veritate
We Stand for Truth
400 Whitepine Road
Riverview, New Brunswick, E1B 4H8, Canada
School board Anglophone East School District
Religious affiliation None
Superintendent Gregg Ingersoll[1]
Principal Jason Reath
Vice Principals Gregory Longaphie, David MacDonald, Kim Oakley
Staff 90+[2]
School type Public high school
Grades 9-12
Language English primary, and French secondary
Area Riverview, New Brunswick
Mascot Lion
Team name Royals
Colours Red and White         
Founded 1962
Enrollment 1150
Homepage http://rhsroyals.nbed.nb.ca/

Riverview High School, or simply RHS, is a public high school in Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada.[3] It is part of the province's Anglophone East School District, offering education to students from grade nine to twelve. As of 2014 the school holds roughly 1,800 students through grade nine and twelve. It is the only high school in Riverview, and one of four Anglophone high schools in Greater Moncton.


The school was founded in September 1962 starting with two Grade 10 classes. Prior to that date Grades 10 through 12 from the then community of Riverview Heights attended Moncton High School. From its beginnings until 1978, the high school was located at 92 Devere Road, now the site of Riverview Middle School.

In 1978 a new facility was opened on an 18-hectare site about two kilometres west of the old school (which became Riverview Middle School and was closed down due to a rat problem in late 2013). The new school also has a swimming pool, a feature the old school did not possess. In 2006 the auditorium began to operate independently for community use and plays host to many different shows each year, including a Stereos/The Midway State concert in November 2009.

The Building[edit]

The school has a full size theater (The Riverview Arts Centre[4]), a double gym (with retractable basketball nets, and a divider that drops from the ceiling), a weight room, two music rooms, a cafeteria, a library, a swimming pool (Pat Crossman Memorial Aquatic Centre[5]), a courtyard, two art rooms, several computer labs, a woodshop, a culinary tech room/kitchen, and six science labs.

School Culture[edit]

School colours and Mascot[edit]

The school's colours are red and white. The school's mascot is a lion to represent royalty and pride.

School Song[edit]

Notable alumni[edit]

View of the original school, built in 1962. This building now forms a wing of Riverview Middle School on Devere Road, Riverview, New Brunswick.

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