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John G. Rives is an American performance poet, storyteller, and author. He has appeared on multiple seasons of HBO's Def Poetry Jam[1] and was a member of the Def Poetry international tour group. He has made multiple appearances at the TED Conference[2] and has published several pop-up books for children.

He co-hosted the television special Ironic Iconic America with Tommy Hilfiger, discussing how pop culture has influenced American tastes and styles.[3] Some of his most best-known performances on Def Poetry Jam include a story about poetry in the deaf community,[4] a description of his post-coital bliss[5] and the performance "Dirty Talk" about what people say during sex.[6]

TED talks[edit]

His presentations at TED have included the following:[2]

  • "If I controlled the Internet"
  • "A mockingbird remix of TED2006"
  • "The 4 a.m. mystery"
  • "A story of mixed emoticons"
  • "Reinventing the encyclopedia game"


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