Rizvia Society

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Shah-i-Karbala Mosque, Rizvia Society, Karachi.

Rizvia Society is one of the neighbourhoods of Liaquatabad Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.[1] This neighbourhood is predominantly populated by Shiite Muslims.

The majority of population migrated after independence from areas of Awadh, espcially Lucknow, state in UP.

The postal code for this area is 74600. This co-operative society has its own hospital and a school. The society has a board of trustees which look after the trust matters. This trust has its office in Central Mosque, which is also known as Shah-i-Karbala Mosque.

It is one of the oldest Shiite neighbourhoods in Karachi.


Coordinates: 24°53′57″N 67°01′44″E / 24.8992°N 67.0289°E / 24.8992; 67.0289