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Hair roach headdress

Porcupine hair roaches are a traditional male headdress of a number of Native American tribes in what is now present-day New England, the Great Lakes and Missouri River regions, including the Potawatomi who lived where Chicago now stands. They were and still are most often worn by dancers at pow wows as regalia.

1822 portrait of Sharitahrish, Pawnee chief

The porcupine hair roach is often made of guard hair of the porcupine, the tail hair of the white-tail deer, moose hair, or artificial stiff hair; often, the hair is dyed a bright color, such as red or yellow. Some roaches from the southern plains are made with black turkey beards.

The term roach also applies to the traditional Mohawk hairstyle worn by some warriors of some southern plains tribes such as the Pawnee and some Algonquin tribes, such as the Mohegan and Lenape.

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