Road Movies (album)

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Road Movies
Studio album by LAND
Released 2001
Recorded 1998-1999
Genre Rock
Electronic music
Length 48:04
Label First World Music
Producer LAND
LAND chronology
Road Movies

Road Movies is the third and final album by the American group Land. Road Movies was recorded between June, 1998 & February, 1999 at Jack Straw Productions in Seattle and was released on February 13, 2001 on the First World Music label.[1] It was named one of the Top Ten releases of 2001 by Pulse! (Instrumental/Ambient) and the Seattle Weekly (Jazz).[2]

By the time the recording of Road Movies began in 1998, Land had gone through a number of personnel changes and had developed a much harder edged sound.[3] Guitarist Dennis Rea, interviewed at the time, is quoted: "The current lineup is more of a 'rock' band than earlier editions, and is much more explosive and in-your-face. Our connection with ambient music is pretty tenuous at this point."[4]'s editorial review describes the album: "Road Movies is a collection of nine compositions primarily recorded live in the studio. It is the first release featuring the powerful rhythm section of Bill Rieflin and Fred Chalenor who lend a more propulsive, focused, and dynamic element to the group. Hence, Road Movies is sometimes intense, other times playful, often beautiful, and always a fascinating listening experience."[5]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Tyrone - 5:21
  2. Magnesium - 4:22
  3. Rink - 4:54
  4. Frolic - 6:08
  5. Winnebago Weekend - 7:07
  6. Vespa - 3:50
  7. Strife - 5:35
  8. Flagpole - 4:33
  9. Sauce - 6:14



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