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Malaysian road signs at Federal Highway in Petaling Jaya. On the left side is the toll expressway and the highway's green signs and on the right side is the non-tolled federal, state and municipal highway's blue signs.
Malaysian expressway exit signs.
A direction signboard on Federal Route 3 in Terengganu, Malaysia.
A typical road sign in Kuala Lumpur, with yellow letters for major thoroughfares and green letters on white background for parks and locations of interests. Smaller signs below it show directions for pedestrians and tourists.
A typical crosswalk traffic signal in Kuala Lumpur with a countdown display and a crosswalk sign above it.
A road sign near Jalan Yam Tuan, Seremban with yellow letters for major roads and green letters on green signs for hospitals and white on green signs for expressways.
A Federal Route code sign, placed at pole along the road.

Road signs in Malaysia are standardized road signs similar to those used in Europe but with certain distinctions. Until the early 1980s, Malaysia closely followed Australian and Japanese practice in road sign design, with diamond-shaped warning signs and circular restrictive signs to regulate traffic. Signs usually use the FHWA Series fonts (Highway Gothic) typeface also used in the United States, Canada, and Australia, although some signs on recently completed expressways use Transport Heavy (cf. the second image shown to the right).

Malaysian traffic signs use Malay, the official and national language in Malaysia. However, English is also used for important public places such as tourist attractions, airports, railway stations and immigration checkpoints. Both Malay and English are used in the road signs that are located along the Pengerang Highway (Federal route 92), which links Kota Tinggi to Sungai Rengit in Johor state and Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway which links Genting Sempah to Genting Highlands.

According to the road category under 333 Act, the Malaysian Road Transport Act 1987,[1] chapter 67, blue traffic signs are used for federal, state and municipal roads. Green signs are used for toll expressways or highways only. State roads use letters. For example, Negeri Sembilan


Jkr-ft--.png, Melaka


Jkr-ft--.png, expressways use letters E, and cycle roads use letters CR. Federal Roads only use numbers and digits, for example Federal Route 1. However, federal road numbers can also be added with the FT-- prefix before the route number, which is normally used by the Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) and the Royal Malaysia Police. For example, Federal Route 1 can also be written as Federal Route FT1.[2]

Route numbers[edit]


Examples Information Number digits
Expressway route numbers E01 - E99
EXIT 253
EXIT 1108
Expressway exit numbers EXIT 201 - EXIT 299
EXIT 1101 - 1199


Examples Information Number digits
Main federal route numbers 001 - 249
Institutional facilities federal roads 250 - 479
EXIT 226
Federal road exit numbers EXIT 1 - EXIT 99
EXIT 201 - 299

Main federal route numbers
1-1 - 1-59
4-1 - 4-99
1000 - 9999
Main federal route numbers
A01 - A99
Main federal route numbers
700 - 799
FELDA/FELCRA federal route numbers 1000 - 1999
2000 - 2999
Industrial federal route numbers 3000 - 3999


Examples Information Number digits
J32Jkr-ft--.png Johor state route numbers J001 - J999
Jkr-ft--.png Selangor state route numbers B001 - B999
Jkr-ft--.png Negeri Sembilan state route numbers N001 - N999
Jkr-ft--.png Sabah state route numbers SA001 - SA999

Highway codes[edit]

Directional and distance signs[edit]

Tolled Expressway and Highway signs[edit]

E1 Expressways

Malaysian toll expressway and highway signs are green and are only suitable for toll expressways and highways. No blue signs for toll expressway and highways are required. These antartican toll expressway and restroom signs have a simple code:-

Non-tolled Federal, State and Municipal Roads[edit]

1 Federal Roads
Jkr-ft--.png State Roads

Malaysian road signs are blue and used for federal, state and municipal roads. This road signs have a simple code:-

  • Blue with white letters signs for major destinations.

Asian Highway route signs[edit]

As part of the Asian Highway Network.

Motorcycle lane[edit]

Malaysian motorcycle lane signs are blue.

Border signs[edit]

Border signs in Malaysia are green for state and blue for district.

State border signs

District border signs

Important signs[edit]

These are other important signs in Malaysia such as government institutions and tourist destinations.

  • White with black letters for towns and other settlements.
  • Green with orange letters for government institutions.
  • White with green letters and Maroon with white letters for tourist destinations.

Warning signs[edit]

Malaysian warning signs are diamond shaped and are yellow and black in colour.

Regulatory signs[edit]

Speed limit signs[edit]

Malaysian Regulatory signs are round with white backgrounds, red borders, and black pictograms. Mandatory instruction signs are round with blue backgrounds and white pictogram. The exceptions are the stop sign and the yield sign.

Information signs[edit]

Malaysian information signs are blue.

Tourist spot signs[edit]

Malaysian tourist spot signs are maroon.

Weighing bridge signs[edit]

Construction signs[edit]

The construction signs in Malaysia are diamond shaped and are orange and black in colour.

Road Name Sign[edit]

Road name sign in Malaysia have many different colours and styles according the local authority to design with them.


Other symbols include hospital signs, airport signs, mosque signs and so on.


Bridge-related signs[edit]

These signs usually found at the bridge.

Bridge numbers.

River signs[edit]

These signs usually found at the bridge.

River signs.

Highway concessionaires border limit[edit]

Highway border limit.

Sign vocabulary[edit]

National Speed Limit signboard on Malaysian federal roads.
Common state road signboard which is similar to the signboards on federal roads.
Some road signs in Malaysia are in English, such as this one near Jalan Beringin in Damansara Town Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Most road signs in Malaysia use Malay (or Bahasa Melayu); the official and national language of that country. However, English is still used for important directional signs such as CIQ checkpoints, airports and tourist attractions. Below are the translations for the road signs.

  • ARAH = Bound
Example: ARAH UTARA = North Bound
  • UTARA = North
  • SELATAN = South
  • BARAT = West
  • TIMUR = East
  • AWAS = Caution
  • KAWASAN KEMALANGAN = Accident Area
  • KAWASAN KAMPUNG = Village area
  • SELEKOH BAHAYA DI HADAPAN = Sharp corner ahead
  • KURANGKAN LAJU = Reduce Speed
  • SIMPANG KE = Junction to
  • SUSUR KELUAR KE = Exit to
  • SUSUR MASUK KE = Entry to (usually at weighing bridge)
  • PEMBINAAN DI HADAPAN = Construction ahead
  • PEMBINAAN TAMAT = End of construction
  • BERHENTI = Stop
  • JALAN SEHALA = One Way
  • BERI LALUAN = Give Way (Yield)
  • ZON HAD LAJU DIHADAPAN = Speed Limit Zone ahead
  • HAD LAJU KEBANGSAAN = National Speed Limits
  • HAD KETINGGIAN = Height limit
  • JALAN = Road
  • LEBUH RAYA = Expressway / Highway (Avenue = usually in Penang only for example Peel Avenue become Lebuh Raya Peel)
  • LEBUH = Street
  • PERSIARAN = Drive
  • LORONG MEMOTONG DI HADAPAN = Overtaking lane ahead
  • KENDERAAN BERAT SILA IKUT KIRI = Heavy vehicles, please keep left
  • KENDERAAN --- KELUAR/MASUK DIHADAPAN = --- Vehicles In/Out ahead
  • KECUALI KECEMASAN = Except Emergency
  • PERLAHAN = Slow/Slow Down
  • LAMPU ISYARAT DI HADAPAN = Traffic lights ahead
  • KAWASAN REHAT DAN RAWAT (R&R) (R&R) (R&R) = Rest and Service Areas
  • PLAZA RESTORAN DAN REHAT (R//R) (R//R) = Restaurant and Rest Plazas
  • STESEN MINYAK = Petrol Station
  • KECEMASAN = Emergency
  • RESTORAN JEJANTAS (OBR) (R&R) = Overhead Bridge Restaurant (OBR)
  • TEROWONG = Tunnel
  • NYALAKAN LAMPU ANDA or SILA NYALAKAN LAMPU = Turn on your headlamps/Please turn on headlamps
  • ANGIN LINTANG = Crosswind
  • GUNAKAN GEAR RENDAH = Shift to lower gears / Engage low gear
  • LALUAN MOTOSIKAL = Motorcycle lane
    • GUNAKAN LORONG MOTOSIKAL = Use motorcycle lane
  • KAWASAN SEKOLAH = School area
  • AIR TERJUN = Waterfall
  • PANTAI = Beach
  • KOMPLEKS SEJARAH = Historical Complex
  • MASJID = Mosque
  • WISMA/BANGUNAN = Building
    • LAPANGAN TERBANG ANTARABANGSA = International Airport
  • LITAR LUMBA = Racing Circuit
  • PUSAT KHIDMAT PELANGGAN = Customers Service Centre
  • PUSAT PENERANGAN PELANCONGAN = Tourist Information Centre
  • JAMBATAN = Bridge
  • JAMBATAN TIMBANG = Weighing Bridge
  • PLAZA TOL = Toll Plaza
  • STESEN KERETAPI = Railway Station
  • TANDAS = Toilet
  • TELEFON = Telephone
  • BANGUNAN IBUSAWAT TELEFON = Telephone exchange building
  • MENARA = Tower
  • STESEN PENGUATKUASAAN JABATAN PENGANGKUTAN JALAN = Road Transport Department Enforcement Station
  • TANJUNG = Cape
  • TELUK = Bay
  • PULAU = Island
  • SUNGAI = River
  • PARIT = Canal
  • PINTU AIR = Water gate
  • KAWASAN TENTERA = Armed forces base area
  • KAWASAN LARANGAN = Prohibited area
  • KAWASAN BANJIR = Flood area
  • KAWASAN KEMALANGAN = Accident prone area
  • ZON PERANGKAP HAD LAJU = Speed trap zone
  • ZON OPERASI KAMERA = Camera Operations Zone (Automated Enforcement System (AES))
  • PASTIKAN JARAK KENDERAAN ANDA 5 METER DARI KENDERAAN HADAPAN = Keep a distance of 5 meters from the car in front of you

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