Road to Hell (film)

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Road to Hell
Road to Hell One Sheet.jpg
Official Poster
Directed by Albert Pyun
Produced by Anthony Riparetti
Cynthia Curnan
Sazzy Lee Calhoun
Written by Cynthia Curnan
Starring Michael Paré
Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Clare Kramer
Courtney Peldon
Music by Anthony Riparetti
The Roxy Gunn Project
Edited by Chiba Nobu
Release date(s)
  • 22 September 2008 (2008-09-22) (Austin Fantastic Fest)
  • 24 January 2012 (2012-01-24) (United States)
Country United States
Language English

Road to Hell is a action-fantasy film starring Michael Paré, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Clare Kramer and Courtney Peldon, directed by Albert Pyun.[2] It is inspired by Walter Hill's Streets of Fire and it began shooting in June 2008 in Los Angeles. Final shooting took place in Las Vegas in early 2014.



A soldier who has been fighting a long war is driven mad because he no longer believes in any purpose or righteous truth behind the killing. He comes home to a surreal world looking for his first and only love from his youth, believing she will rescue him from his demons. On the road to Edge City, he encounters two seductive spree killers who oppose his efforts to find his love and the redemption he desperately seeks.

Development history[edit]

Pyun states in an October 2008 interview that the genesis of Road to Hell was a long process which became more fully developed when Pyun and Michael Paré attended a film festival in Spain, "Our plans began to solidify when our paths crossed in Estepona, Spain where Michael received awards for Lifetime Achievement and Best Actor." Pyun also discusses how the Cody character developed, "In a series of meetings prior to shooting Road to Hell, discussions centering around who and what he was back then enabled Michael to feel the emotions and relive the thoughts from the 80's. His performance in Road to Hell, you see him reflecting back on the past, not just his past characters but who he was at that time. His performance reflects a richness and depth because of all he has lived since then."[3]

Pyun states his view of Streets of Fire and how it provided the influences for Pyun in creating Road to Hell and what he hoped to accomplish with the film, in a video interview shot for the Dragon Robots Comic site at the Patio Theater on 9 March 2013, prior to the screening of Road To Hell.[4]


The film had its unofficial North American premiere at the Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas in October 2008 when Pyun screened an incomplete and unfinished work print of the film.[5]

The a version of Road to Hell had it first public screening on 17 October 2012 when the film was selected to be the opening night film for the 2012 PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada[6]

The a new version of Road to Hell was screened in Chicago on 9 March 2013.[7] Road to Hell grossed enough from the single screening to make the box office chart by industry box office tracker Rentracks.[8]

In November 2013, additional shooting was done adding teenage singer Joei Fulco as Gabriel, the Arch Angel. Gabriel provided book ends to the movie and narration giving more depth to Cody's backstory. This new footage produced another version of the film.[9]

Awards and nominations[edit]


PollyGrind Film Festival[10]

  • Best fantasy movíe: 2012
  • Best actor: Michael Pare – 2012
  • Best actress: Clare Kramer – 2012
  • Best new actress: Roxy Gunn – 2012
  • Best supporting actress in fantasy Film: Déborah Van Valkenburgh
  • Best writer:: Cynthia Curnan – 2012
  • Best visual effects: 2012
  • Best song" Streets of Fire": written by Tony Riparetti, performed by Roxy Gunn and Jeremy: 2012
  • Best use of music": Tony Riparetti 2012

Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival[11]

  • best Film: 2012


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