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Not to be confused with Rob Elliot.
Rob Elliott
Born (1965-10-08) October 8, 1965 (age 48)
Brisbane, Queensland
Nationality Australian
Occupation Australian radio announcer and television show host

Rob Elliott (born 8 October 1965 in Brisbane, Queensland) is a popular Australian radio announcer and television show host, best known for hosting Wheel of Fortune.

Television career[edit]

His first TV job was the children's TV program OK for Kids in Brisbane on Channel 9. Then became the Melbourne based reporter for Wombat for the Seven Network during the 1980s. Had several parts in Neighbours and in 1996, he became host of Talking Telephone Numbers (based on a UK format) for the Seven Network. During the mid to late 80s he also worked for Brisbane Radio Station, 1008AM "Stereo 10" as a radio announcer and Geelong's 93.9 Bay FM / 3XY in the early '90s.

His best-known role was as the host of Wheel of Fortune from 1997 to 2003,[1] replacing Tony Barber.[2] After being fired from the show, Elliot created a board game called Smart Ass. He explained, I used to play Trivial Pursuit and never won - I hated it. I created a game I could win.[1]


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