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Grant at a book signing.

Robert Grant is an English comedy writer and television producer, who was born in Salford and studied Psychology at Liverpool University for two years.

In the mid-1980s, Grant collaborated with co-writer Doug Naylor on radio programmes such as Cliché and its sequel Son Of Cliché, Wrinkles for Radio 4 and television programmes such as Spitting Image, The 10 Percenters, and various projects for Jasper Carrott.

The 'Grant Naylor' collaboration, as it had become known, created the cult science-fiction comedy series, Red Dwarf, which evolved from Dave Hollins: Space Cadet, a recurring sketch within Son Of Cliché. Grant was briefly seen (uncredited) in an episode of Red Dwarf entitled "Backwards" (1989), as a man who 'un-smoked' a cigarette.

In the mid-1990s, the 'Grant Naylor' collaboration was ended when Grant left Red Dwarf after the sixth series, citing creative differences ("... it was basically 'musical differences' ...") with Doug Naylor.[1] His main reason however, he said, was that he 'wished to have more on his 'tombstone' than Red Dwarf on its own'.

Since Red Dwarf, Grant has written two television series, The Strangerers and Dark Ages, and four solo novels, his most recent being Fat, a satirical look at how obesity is looked upon by society and the media.

Aside from his written works, Grant has recently taken up the mic on the stand-up comedy circuit with his wryly observed take on life.

Selected works by Rob Grant[edit]



with Doug Naylor[edit]

  • Red Dwarf (1989), with Doug Naylor (published under the joint pseudonym Grant Naylor); sometimes referred to as Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers.
  • Better Than Life (1990), with Doug Naylor (published under the joint pseudonym Grant Naylor).
  • Primordial Soup (1993) Collection of scripts from the TV show Red Dwarf
  • Son Of Soup (1996) Second volume of scripts
  • Scenes From The Dwarf (1996) Making of Red Dwarf

by himself[edit]

  • Backwards (1996), a sequel to Better Than Life.
  • Colony (2000), a science fiction story about a colony that has long since lost its way.
  • Incompetence (2003), a wry detective story set in the near future where it is illegal to discriminate for any reason, even competence.
  • Fat (2006), a darkly comic novel about how the media portrays obesity and its effects on today's society.


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