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Rob Greenfield
Rob Greenfield image
Rob Greenfield in 2013
Born (1986-08-28) August 28, 1986 (age 28)
Ashland, Wisconsin, USA
Occupation Adventurer, environmental activist, entrepreneur

Rob Greenfield (born August 28, 1986) is an American adventurer,[1] environmental activist,[2] and entrepreneur. He is best known for Off the Grid Across America, a bicycle tour across the USA on a bamboo bicycle to inspire Americans to live a more sustainable lifestyle.[3]

Greenfield is also an inspirational writer and speaker, world traveler,[4] ambassador to One Percent for the Planet,[5] and founder of The Greenfield Group.[6]

Early life[edit]

Rob Greenfield was born and raised in Ashland, Wisconsin, by a single mother, along with his three siblings.[7] At the age of 18 he became an Eagle Scout,[8] the highest rank in Boy Scouts.

Rob Greenfield graduated from Ashland High School in northern Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse and graduated with a Bachelor of Science.[8] Rob traveled to six continents throughout his time in university and upon graduation.[7]

In 2011 Rob relocated to San Diego, California, where he founded The Greenfield Group, an environmentally active marketing company,[9] and began his involvement with 1% for the Planet.[10]


Through his adventures Greenfield is known to inspire people to start living a happier, healthier lifestyle[9] and to promote giving back to others, simple living, and earth friendly living.

2013: Off the Grid Across America[edit]

In 2013, Greenfield cycled 4,700 miles (7,600 km) across America on a bicycle made of bamboo to inspire Americans to live more sustainably. On this 104-day ride he used just 160 US gallons (610 l) of water, create a mere 2 pounds (0.9 kg) of trash, traveled via his own power save one mile on a ferry into New York City, plugged into only five outlets, and never turned on a light switch.[6]

On the journey he carried out multiple campaigns to "inspire individuals to wake up and take action."[6] In a campaign called Stand up for Sustainability he removed the seat of his bicycle and cycled 375 miles (604 km) across the state of Iowa to literally stand up for sustainability.[6] To raise awareness about water waste he lived off a leaky fire hydrant for five days in New York City.[11] Later he cycled from New York City to Boston during a heat wave living solely on leaky faucets in a campaign called Drip by Drip.[6] Throughout the journey he ate over 280 pounds (130 kg) of food from grocery store dumpsters to bring attention to food waste.[12]

2013: Do Good Tour[edit]

In September of 2013 Greenfield's bamboo bicycle was stolen, which inspired him to spread goodness in his community and across the state of California.[13] In October of 2013 Greenfield cycled from Berkeley to San Diego on the Do Good Tour inspiring people to start taking action and to do one good thing each day.[7]

He was quoted as saying, "In order to have a happy, healthy earth, we need to have happy, healthy humans so I'm doing my best to go out and inspire people to live healthy lifestyles, not only for themselves, but for their communities and for the earth as well."[14] On the Do Good Tour Greenfield planted native wildflowers, cleaned up trash, volunteered with local non-profits, and performed random acts of kindness.

2013: Change the World with Rob Greenfield[edit]

Greenfield is the host of Change the World with Rob Greenfield, an adventure series designed to make viewers rethink the way they interact with the world. The adventures focus on showing earth-friendly living, happiness, and health.[15] Greenfield will bring guests on some of the adventures, and viewers will have the ability to vote on what they'll do while on the adventure.

Personal life[edit]

Greenfield is the founder of the Goodfluence Fund, which gives microgrants to individuals, activists, and non-profits for environmental and social projects that create health and happiness. He also hosts do-good bike rides,[13] started a community bicycle program,[10] and gives away free seeds.[15] He gives back on his travels around the world as well and has built a small library at a school in Cambodia and a rainwater collection system at an orphanage in Kenya.[10] His business, The Greenfield Group, is an active member of 1% for the Planet and gives at least 1% of revenue to environmental non-profits.[10]


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