Rob Hollins

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Rob Hollins
Rob Hollins.jpg
Chris Walker as Rob Hollins (2012)
Doctors character
Portrayed by Chris Walker
Danny Dixon (young)
Duration 2009—
First appearance 24 July 2009
Introduced by Peter Eryl Lloyd
Fallout: Part 5
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Police Sergeant

Rob Hollins is a fictional character in the BBC soap opera Doctors, played by Chris Walker. Rob first appeared on 24 July 2009.



Rob is a sergeant at Letherbridge Police Station. Rob is married to Karen Hollins who is the head Receptionist at the Mill Health Centre and The Campus Surgery. They got married on 5 August 1989. Together they have two children; 19 year old, Jack who is studying Law at Letherbridge University and their 17 year old daughter, Imogen who is still at school and occasionally helps at the Mill and Campus on Reception. In Late 2010, when his Aunt, Agatha Penrose, came to visit it was revealed matters about Rob's up bringing. It was revealed his mother is alone as Rob's father left just before his 14th birthday, which Rob describes a 'the best present' he could have asked for. He has a sister who also lives in Yorkshire. Rob's mother would like to see her son and his family more often but Rob can't go up because of work. He is good friends with work colleague, PC Brian Miles.


In late January 2010 Karen Hollins, Rob's wife, was approached by Gerry Cutler who was the father of a University friend of Jack. He asked if Lewis, his son, could stay at their house over the Easter holidays as he was going away. Karen accepted but unfortunately, unaware to Karen, Rob, Immie & Jack, Lewis had serious mental health problems. As the week continued, these problems increasingly came clear, but Lewis covered his tracks very easily. Imogen was the first to notice it, she tried to warn her family, but they ignored her. Jack was the second member of the family to notice it but didn't say anything. Then Karen noticed a knife mark in her kitchen table. She knew it was Lewis. Imogen then realised that her art project was tampered with, by Lewis. She told her mum and they got worried. Jack was called to a fake interview at the University, Karen was very worried and went to the University, trying to find Jack. Amongst the hostages were Ellie, Sia, and Ned. Lewis was armed with a gun and shot Sia. Karen tried to talk Lewis out of killing them all, but it didn't work. Karen's husband, Rob came running up with a colleague and Dr. Simon Bond. Rob was called down but Simon stayed to help injured Sia. After a scream Rob came running back up and charged in. After a struggle with the gun Karen got the gun off Lewis and he was shot by a police officer. Lewis was killed. Karen, Rob, Jack & Immie all burnt Immie's art work the following day. Inspector Suresh told Rob off for running inside, saying he could lose his job.

In November 2010, Rob's mother's sister (his Aunt) Agatha Penrose (Lynda Baron) turn up in Letherbridge. Agatha lives in Harrogate in Yorkshire, which she describes as a 'spa town'. She is open about her disappointment in Rob's marriage to Karen. She doesn't like Karen or Rob's daughter Imogen, she also dislikes Rob's father. She's very proud of Jack and Rob and she believes Karen should be a proper wife, she has very old fashioned views. It is clear that her fiance, Arnold, died in 1960, just before they were to marry. She remains a spinster.

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