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Timecode, real name Rob Playford, (born 25 March 1968) is a UK drum and bass DJ, producer and record label owner.


He is best known as founder of Moving Shadow—one of the biggest record labels in the drum and bass scene, formed in 1990—and as engineer and producer for Goldie on his Timeless album of 1995. He has also released music in groups including 2 Bad Mice and Rufige Kru.

As DJ Timecode, Playford hosted, produced and mixed the audio on the drum and bass radio station MSX/MSX 98 that was featured in the Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories videogame soundtracks.

Playford now works as a music programmer, having contributed to film soundtracks including Hot Fuzz, Casino Royale and Die Another Day.

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