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Rob Simone is an American ufologist and a radio and TV talk show host.

Simone was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and became a key figure in the East Coast alternative music scene.

After more than 10 years as an independent researcher and research analyst into many areas of paranormal and unexplained phenomenon, Rob Simone earned a legal degree and moved to Sedona, Arizona in the late 1990s to begin working for the civil activist organization, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy ("C.A.U.S") which was featured on Art Bell and countless other radio and TV programs in the United States and internationally for the organization’s use of the legal system to end what it sees as the government’s secrecy and cover up of extraterrestrial phenomena.

Simone became the world's first “Para-normal Paralegal" collecting affidavits, eye-witness testimony and photographic evidence for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for various lawsuits brought against the Department of Defense and the Federal Government.

This involved liaisons with many other research groups, coordination of media, direct contact with witnesses, those who claimed to be abductees, government insiders and high-level military officials.

In 2000, Simone embarked on a three year trip around the world to the most mystical, sacred and powerful places on Earth investigating local, cultural and historical links to the unexplained, para-normal and extraterrestrial components of many ancient civilizations and belief systems. A special focus of Rob's research is on the E.T./supernatural aspects of Islam and the origins of the Koran.

Rob Simone is an award-winning media personality and accomplished TV and radio producer. Simone hosts a top-rated talk show on 104.4 FM London, and is founder of A.I.R., The Association of Independent Researchers and has been featured in UFO Magazine UK, FATE Magazine, Japan's NIPPON TV, China's CCTV, and recently on the 2-hour History Channel program "Decoding The Past."

The Birth of "International Ufology"[edit]

International Ufology is comparative in nature, focusing on contrasts and similarities of UFO, star people and E.T. references from different cultures. Rob Simone has traveled through 25 countries interviewing indigenous peoples and tribal elders about the unexplained and paranormal components of ancient civilizations and their historical links to major religions and belief systems.

In his lectures, Simone details research from Japan, China, Australia, the Middle East, Israel, India, Nepal, Turkey and Europe. The compelling aspects of Simone's research comes from the similarities of "sky beings" references in the creation stories, ancient art work and sacred texts of civilizations separated by thousands of years and thousands of miles.


UFOs In The Headlines - Real Reporting on a Real Phenomenon.

From 1950 to the present day, this book highlights over 200 photographs of REAL newspaper articles about UFOs from over 9 different countries exploring the UFO phenomenon from a "journalistic" perspective. Contained in the news stories from such newspapers as the New York Times and the Washington Post are: Author C. Clarke comments on Paul Trent’s UFO photographs and his opinion of E.T. life, U.S. Air Force releases "breathtaking" report stating some UFOs... "NOT FROM THIS EARTH" The Duke of Edinburgh investigates UFOs from Buckingham Palace, Turkish Air Force pilot chases UFO.

UFOs Crop Circles and the Mayan Calendar.

Rob Simone has traveled through 27 countries exploring mysterious and sacred places and the un-explained phenomenon that surrounds them. This book examines some of the highlights of Simone's research and experiences. Including over 50 images and photographs of Egyptian Tombs, stone circles, UFOs and Jacob's Ladder.

Film and TV[edit]

Decoding The Past - The History Channel.

Journey Into the Void - David Piper Productions.

Fast Walkers Documentary - Award winning UFO documentary.


104.4 London, England The Rob Simone Talk Show - Host/Producer A top-rated, award-winning, two-hour news and current events radio show. Topics include science, world events, politics, entertainment, alternative health and consciousness.

94 FM Himalayan Broadcasting Corporation News Hour – Kathmandu, Nepal News producer, on-air commentator, voice over and on-air narration.

102.3 FM, Australia - Producer/Host A weekly two-hour radio program featuring current events, interviews and satire.

Rob occasionally guest-hosts the Coast to Coast AM radio program

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