Robbie McGregor

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Robbie McGregor
Nationality Australian
Occupation Australian actor, and voice-over artist

Robbie McGregor is an Australian actor, presenter, and voice-over artist. His voice is known to many Australians as the "voice" of SBS TV,[1] for whom he had recorded station announcements until 2005. He is also known to fans of the Triple J radio comedy program This Sporting Life, where he performs prerecorded links and satirical mock advertisements under the pseudonym "King Wally Otto in the Soundproof Booth".

He was also the narrator for Fat Cow Motel,[2] the presenter of the Sunday night Film First movie premieres on the World Movies Channel, and the narrator for the stage production of Beaconsfield: The Musical.[3]

He is currently the voice of Network Ten's digital HD channel One.


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