Robert, Earl of Strathearn

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Robert of Strathearn, who ruled Strathearn 1223–1244, is the fourth known Mormaer of Strathearn, but of course this is simply a source problem and certainly does not mean that he actually was the fourth.

Robert was the fourth son of Mormaer Gille Brigte. Not much is known of his reign, but we do know that in 1237 he travelled to York as part of the Scottish delegation who negotiated the Treaty of York. It seems he largely confined himself to his comital demesne, which would explain his conspicuous absence from the records, despite a relatively long reign.

Marriage and progeny[edit]

Robert, Earl of Strathearn married a daughter of Hugh de Moravia (or Sir Hugh Freskin) by a daughter of Duncan, Earl of Fife (this identification made by Andrew B. W. MacEwen. Her maritagium evidently included lands in Durie, Fife later granted by Reynold le Cheyne to their son Gilbert[1]). Their issue included:

He died before April 1244.[2]


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Preceded by
Gille Brigte
Mormaer of Strathearn
Succeeded by
Maol Íosa II