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John Richard Keith “Fuzz” Townshend (born 31 July 1964) is a British drummer, TV Presenter of National Geographic Channel's 'Car SOS', Cherished and Classic Cars Ambassador for Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd, a motoring journalist, former Technical Editor of Practical Classics magazine and mechanic.


Drumming from the age of 10, Townshend found some success with both General Public and Pop Will Eat Itself,[1] with whom he played from 1991 onwards. Previously he drummed with Pigbros, an indie band from Birmingham who were a favourite of John Peel's doing two sessions for Peel; one in 1985 and the other the following year in 1986. Other Pigbros band members included Nick Beales (vocals), Jonathan Cooke (brother of British artist Amanda Cooke, on bass and vocals) and Svor Nann (real name Richard London, on the saxophone). With the demise of PWEI, he became part of Bentley Rhythm Ace and drummed for The Nightingales as well as releasing two solo albums. Townshend has also played alongside Ranking Roger, Pama International, Vileevils, Jean Robert Jovenet, Modified Toy Orchestra, Lovers Electric and others.

It was announced on 22 November 2010 that he was replacing Andres Karu in The Wonder Stuff.[2] Following an Australian tour in early 2014 he left the group.

Fuzz currently plays drums for The Beat (known in the U.S. as The English Beat).

He is currently based in Bishop's Castle, Shropshire and has regular features in Practical Classics magazine.

Fuzz has also starred in Car SOS on the National Geographic Channel, alongside Tim Shaw.


  • Hello Darlin' - 1998
  • Big Tasty Ed - 1998
  • Far In (UK Edition) - 1999
  • Far In (U.S. Edition) - 2001
  • Self Titled - 2002


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