Robert A. Holton

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Dr. Robert Holton
Born 1944 (age 69–70)[1]
Nationality American
Alma mater Florida State University
University of North Carolina
Occupation Professor of Chemistry

Robert A. Holton (born 1944) is an American academic chemist who is known for his work regarding the chemical synthesis for Taxol (known as the Holton Taxol total synthesis), a widely-utilized and highly-effective anti-cancer drug. He is a Professor of Chemistry at Florida State University. Dr. Holton’s research group has accomplished the total synthesis of several natural products. Most notable are prostaglandin F2a, narwedine, aphidicolin, taxusin, Taxol and hemibrevitoxin B. Dr. Holton also serves as Chief Scientific Officer, a member of the Board of Directors and co-founder of Taxolog, Inc., as well as President and founder of MDS Research Foundation and Syncure, Inc.



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