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Robert Archambeau (born 1968) is a poet and literary critic [1] whose works include the books Citation Suite, Home and Variations[2] and Laureates and Heretics.[3] and The Poet Resigns: Poetry in a Difficult World.[4] He has also edited a number of works, including Word Play Place: Essays on the Poetry of John Matthias,[5] The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Writing, and Letters of Blood: English Writings of Göran Printz-Påhlson.[6]

Son of Canadian ceramic artist, Robert Archambeau, Robert Archambeau was born in Providence, Rhode Island and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He teaches English as a Professor at Lake Forest College near Chicago.[7]

His recent work explores the social context of the history of poetics: he has been called "our smartest poetic sociologist" in the scholarly journal Contemporary Literature.[8]

In 2001, he ran an election on the POETICS list as a protest against the appointment of Billy Collins as Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress. Anselm Hollo was elected to the honorary position [9][10] of "anti-laureate."

He has received grants and awards from the Academy of American Poets, the Illinois Arts Council, and the Swedish Academy.

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