Robert Bamford

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Robert Bamford
Born 1883
Lamarsh, Essex
Died 1942 (aged 58–59)
Nationality British
Occupation Engineer, entrepreneur
Known for Founding Bamford & Martin (later Aston Martin)

Robert Bamford (1883–1942) was a British engineer, who with Lionel Walker Birch Martin (1878– 21 October 1945), founded a company in January 1913 that became Aston Martin.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Lamarsh in Essex, and was the eldest son of Rev Robert Bamford (1854–1898). His grandfather was another Rev Robert Bamford (1825–1893) who was a vicar in Highworth, Wiltshire. His parents married in 1882.

His mother remarried after his father's death. His brother was Edward Bamford (1887–1928). Bamford, historically, is a Lancashire surname. He attended a university.

The site of Bamford & Martin in London SW3


Aston Martin[edit]

Bamford & Martin Ltd was founded at 16 Henniker Place in West Kensington (off Fulham Road – the A308) on 15 January 1913.[1] They produced their first Aston-Martin car, the Coal Scuttle, in March 1915. Robert Bamford was the engineer of the partnership.

In 1920 he retired from Bamford & Martin; Lionel Martin left in 1926. In the mid-1920s the company would undergo many changes of ownership. It would be largely through the ownership of David Brown Ltd. of Huddersfield that Aston-Martin would become the company renowned during the 1950s, who bought Aston-Martin for £20,500 (£700,000 current value) in 1947.

Personal life[edit]

He became engaged to Muriel Matilda Etches (born 1898) in May 1918, the eldest daughter of C.T.W. Etches. They were married in 1919 in Newton Abbot in Devon. They had a daughter, Patricia, born in Brentford in Middlesex in 1921.

He died in 1942 aged 59. His daughter married in 1948.


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