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Robert Barney Dallenbach (born 1927) is a bishop in the Pillar of Fire International.[1][2] He also was the church's fifth general superintendent until losing a vote of confidence at the 2008 Pillar of Fire annual camp meeting convention. He also served as a director for the North Metro Arts Alliance in Colorado.[3]


He is the brother of CART driver Wally Dallenbach Sr.[2] Dallenbach succeeded Donald Justin Wolfram when he retired in the summer of 2000. He pastors Alma Temple in Colorado, served as president of Belleview College and was the general manager of Christian radio AM 910, KPOF, where he had the 5 am morning slot.[1] He married Pauline White (1927- ) in 1949.[4] They have two children: Alma Beth Walker, and Joel. Pauline is the daughter of Arthur Kent White, and the granddaughter of Alma Bridwell White, the founder of the church.[4]


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