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Robert Brewster Stanton (5 August 1846, Woodville, Mississippi - 23 February 1922) was a United States civil and mining engineer. He was chief engineer of an expedition investigating the Grand Canyon 1889-90, and investigated many mining properties.


He was educated at Miami University, where he received an A.B. in 1871 and an A.M. in 1878. He received an honorary A.M. from the University of Wooster in 1885.

Railroad work[edit]

He was resident engineer of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad 1874-80, and division engineer of the Union Pacific Railway 1880-84. Beginning in 1884, he started a private practice as a consulting civil and mining engineer. Among his projects involving railroads were a survey as chief engineer through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River 1889-90, special work on the British Columbia landslides for the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1896, examination and appraisal of the value of railroads in the states of Michigan, Kansas and Washington in 1906 and 1910, location of railroad line from Chicago to Saint Louis in 1902, and from Butte, Montana, to Boise, Idaho, 1905.

Mining work[edit]

He engaged in mining operations and explorations at various times from 1884 to the present date, throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the West Indies and the Dutch East Indies: He was engineer and general manager for the Flint Idaho Mining Company 1886-88. He filled the same role at the Hocumac Mining Company 1893-94. He did special work in copper and nickel mines in Canada in 1892 and 1903. He explored and examined gold mines in the Island of Sumatra 1904. He examined and reported on Cananea, Mexico, copper mines in 1906; gold mines in California in 1893, 1903 and 1907; gold mines in Utah and Arizona 1898-1901; manganese mines in Washington, 1910; gold mines in Nova Scotia in 1913 and iron and manganese mines in Cuba 1909-14.


  • Availability of the Cañons of the Colorado River for Railway Purposes (1882)
  • The Great Landslides of the Canadian Pacific Railway (1898)
  • monographs and lectures on the Grand Canyon


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