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Robert F. Denno (1945–2008) was an influential scientist in the field of entomology, specifically an insect ecologist. He wrote more than 130 research papers that helped advance the study of plant-insect interactions, interspecific competition, predator prey interactions and food web dynamics (Eubanks et al. 2011). He was a world-renowned authority on the ecology of sap-feeding insects, both in natural and cultivated settings. His study of wing polymorphism expanded into the fields of life history evolution (e.g., Denno and Dingle 1981), plant and herbivore interactions (e.g., Denno and McClure 1983), community ecology (e.g., Denno et al. 1996), and many aspects of predator ecology, reviewed recently in Denno et al. (2005).

His personal worldwide collection of butterflies numbered over 36,000 specimens. His butterfly collection was donated, at least in part, to the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity.

He was Assistant Professor at Rutgers University from 1974 to 1976, moving to the University of Maryland in 1976, advancing to Associate Professor in 1979 and Professor in 1985 in the Entomology Department.


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