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For the politician, see Robert Franklin Jones.

Robert F. Jones (1934-2002) was a novelist and an outdoor writer for Sports Illustrated and Field & Stream. Many of his novels contain fantastic and/or surrealistic elements, causing some critics to label his work slipstream.

He died December 18, 2002, of natural causes in Bennington, VT at age 68.[1]



  • Blood Sport (1974): Novel about a father and son fishing trip up the mythical Hassayampa river, which runs from upstate New York to China, and ancient times, and their encounter with legendary outlaw "Ratnose."
  • The Diamond Bogo (1978): The story of an African hunting expedition for a large cape buffalo with a giant diamond embedded in its horns, and involving the discovery of a surviving lost race colony of homo erectus.
  • Slade's Glacier (1981)
  • Blood Tide (1990): A nautical adventure tale of a father and daughter setting out to wreak vengeance on two different men who had each betrayed them.
  • The Man-Eaters of Zamani (1991): Short story on the hunting of a lion in Zamani region of Somalia (Petersen's Hunting 1991) .
  • Tie My Bones To Her Back (AKA The Buffalo Runners) (1996): Western
  • Deadville (1999): Western
  • The Run to Gitche Gumee


  • Gone to the Dogs: Life With My Canine Companions
  • Dancers in the Sunset Sky
  • The Fishing Doctor: the Essential Tackle Box Companion
  • The Hunter In My Heart: A Sportsman's Salmagundi
  • African Twilight: The Story of a Hunter
  • Upland Passage: A Field Dog's Education
  • Jake: A Labrador Puppy at Work and Play


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