Robert F. Wagner Houses

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Wagner Housing projects, East Harlem, NYC

Senator Robert F. Wagner Houses, also known as Triborough Houses, is a public housing development in the East Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, in New York City. The development was completed on May 31, 1958, and was named after Robert F. Wagner, who served four terms as senator of New York State. The complex is administered by the New York City Housing Authority.

The development, located east of First Avenue in the northeast corner of Manhattan, consists of 14 16-story buildings and 8 7-story buildings, a total of 22 buildings. It has 5,290 residents who live in 2,154 apartments. The complex occupies 26.91 acres (10.89 ha). It cost $30,926,000 to construct.

The first family to move into the Wagner Houses, on August 3, 1958, moved from a cold-water flat on East 106th Street, which was also demolished to build Franklin Plaza Apartments.

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