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Robert Flint (1838–1910) was a Scottish theologian and philosopher who wrote also on sociology.

He was born near Dumfries and educated, at the University of Glasgow. After a few years of pastoral service, first in Aberdeen and then at Kilconquhar, Fife, he was appointed professor of moral philosophy and political economy at St. Andrews in 1864.

From 1876 to 1903 he was professor of divinity at the University of Edinburgh.

In 1904, Philosophy as Scientia Scientarum was published in which Flint argues that philosophy is the science of sciences responsible for discerning the rational and natural relationship among the sciences. He believed that the sciences "form a whole, a system in which each of them has its appropriate place..." (p. 7).


  • Christ's Kingdom upon Earth (1865) sermons
  • Philosophy of History in France and Germany (1874)
  • Theism (1877) Baird Lectures 1876/7
  • Anti-Theistic Theories (1879) Baird Lectures 1876/7
  • Vico (1884)
  • Historical Philosophy in France (1894)
  • Socialism (1894)
  • Sermons and Addresses (1899)
  • Agnosticism (1903)
  • Philosophy as scientia scientarum (1904)