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For the British water polo player, see Robert Gentleman.
Robert Clifford Gentleman
Born 1959 (age 54–55)[citation needed]
Institutions Genentech
University of Washington
Harvard University
The University of Auckland
Alma mater University of Washington
Thesis Exploratory methods for censored data (1988)
Doctoral advisor John James Crowley[1]
Doctoral students Beiying Ding[2]
Denise Scholtens[3]
Alain C. Vandal [4]
Known for R (programming language)
Notable awards Benjamin Franklin Award (Bioinformatics)

Robert Clifford Gentleman (born 1959) is a Canadian statistician and bioinformatician[5] currently working for Genentech.[6][7] He is recognized, along with Ross Ihaka, as one of the originators of the R programming language [8][9] and associated software packages like Bioconductor.[10][11][12]


Gentleman was awarded his Ph.D. degree in Statistics from University of Washington in 1988.[13]


Gentleman won the Benjamin Franklin Award in 2008.[14]


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