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Robert H. Mounce (born 1921 in LaSalle, Illinois[1]) is an American New Testament scholar. He is president emeritus of Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington.

Mounce studied at the University of Washington, Multnomah School of the Bible and Fuller Theological Seminary.[2] He obtained his PhD from the University of Aberdeen,[3] Mounce taught at Bethel College and Seminary and Western Kentucky University before coming president of Whitworth College.

Mounce has written commentaries on Revelation (ISBN 0-80282-537-0), Romans (ISBN 0-80540-127-X), and Matthew (ISBN 0-80104-721-8). He was a member of the translation teams for the New International Version, the New Living Translation, and the English Standard Version.[4]

His son, William D. Mounce, is also a New Testament scholar.


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